Technologies & Materials

GL CHEMTEC has delivered innovative R&D solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors for over a decade.

Today, we’ve extended this expertise to offer new technologies to the materials science sector. By applying our experience in organic synthesis from the pharmaceutical to the ophthalmic industry, we deliver high-tech products such as new monomers and UV/Blue/Violet blockers.

With the recent acquisition of an additional 20,000 sq ft of laboratory space, GL CHEMTEC is well positioned to deliver complex, innovative technologies to clients in an efficient manner.

R&D for Pharma & Biotech Industry Companies

We currently have multiple in-house technologies at various stages of development including:

  • Hydrogels
  • SiHys: custom and cast-molded
  • RGPs
  • New UV/Blue/Violet Blockers & Tints
  • Novel Monomers & Cross-linkers
  • Novel Silicone Monomers/Pre-Polymers
  • Early-stage development of a bio-inspired MPS Solution   

If you are interested in our new technologies, or in developing a new technology with us, click here to get started.

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