Materials Science Services

Focusing on our strengths as a contract research provider to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors for more than a decade has given us the experience and skills to create new and innovative monomers, oligomers, cross linkers and UV/Blue/Violet blockers for the material science sector.

Drawing on our expertise in synthetic organic chemistry combined with 65 years combined experience in polymer chemistry and Ophthalmic material formulation, we are now delivering new technologies and innovative solutions to the Ophthalmic and medical devices sectors.

Contract research provider for pharmaceutical and biotechnology

We take a novel approach to developing new technologies. Our dynamic, multidisciplinary team includes organic chemists, organo-metallic chemists, polymer chemists, and contact lens formulators. Together, we think outside the box and push boundaries to develop leading-edge technologies that revolutionize the industry.

GL CHEMTEC is a trusted partner for the ophthalmic industry, specializing in the design of new monomers, UV/Blue/Violet blockers, and tints. We have extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying monomer mixes and binder mixes up to 100L+. GL CHEMTEC is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

View our areas of expertise and technical capabilities below, or contact us for more information on how to work together.

Polymer Chemistry Expertise

  • Polymer design: Monomers, Pre-polymers, & Polymers
  • Formulation development: Hydrogels, Silicon Hydrogels and Silicon Elastomers
  • Process Development: Radical polymerization, UV-VIS & thermal techniques
  • Extensive knowledge in material design for biomedical devices, especially contact lenses (conventional and silicon-based hydrogels & silicone elastomers)
  • RAFT polymerization

 Technical Capabilities: Small Scale

  • GC-FID, GC-MS (2 units), LC-MS/MS (2 units), Analytical HPLC (5 units with PDA, DAD, and VWL detectors)
  • Prep-HPLC System (150 ml/min)
  • FT-IR, UV-VIS, and Microscope
  • Air-free Schlenk Suites with vacuum lines and glove-boxes
  • Hydrogenation capabilities (1L, 2L)
  • Parallel organic synthesizers (Mettler Toledo 24-position)
  • Radley parallel synthesizer carousels (3 units)
  • Medium pressure automatic column chromatography systems with UV detectors and 200ml/min flow rate (12 units)
  • 25, 12-Foot fume hoods with walk-in option
  • Automated microwave synthesizers – eight and sixty position units
  • Thin film and fractional distillation capabilities

Technical Capabilities: Large-Scale and Process Development

  • 22 L rotary evaporators (4 units)
  • 15 L reactors (2 units)
  • 22 L reactors (8 units)
  • 30 L jacketed reactors (2 units)
  • 50 L jacketed reactor (2 units)
  • 50 L reactor with distillation set-up
  • 12 foot walk-in fume hoods (3 units)
  • Large-scale Biotage column chromatography (5 Kg)
  • Automated large-scale column chromatography (750 ml/min)
  • 10 L custom hydrogenation unit
  • Ozone generators (3 units)


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