Custom Synthesis

GL CHEMTEC INTERNATIONAL prides itself on being able to provide its valued clients with the chemistry expertise that their projects demand. We offer the following:

  • Research and development of synthetic pathways for the production of the most complex molecules
  • Full literature searches, ensuring that the most efficient synthetic route has been created and optimized
  • Small-scale and large-scale chemistry capabilities - From milligrams to multi-kilograms, we can take your projects from idea to production
  • A fully-equipped synthetic and analytical laboratory, able to handle complex distillations, purifications, and scale-ups
  • Outstanding service - We keep you up to date on the progress of your projects every step of the way! Our FTE agreements include weekly reports and telecommunications.

Typical Custom Requests Include:

  • Small Molecules
  • API's
  • Complex Intermediates
  • Reference Compounds
  • New Building Blocks for Polymer Synthesis
  • Impurities
  • Libraries
  • Literature and Non-literature Compounds

In-House Synthetic Chemistry Services Include:

  • Chiral Chemistry Expertise
  • Polymer Chemistry Expertise
  • Air-Sensitive and Moisture-Sensitive Chemistry Expertise
  • Metal-Mediated Reactions
  • Reductions
  • Hydrogenations
  • Grignard Reactions
  • Multi-Step Syntheses
  • Scale-Up to Multi-Kilo Quantities

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